Flamenco Show

We carefully select and invite the artists who are active at the forefront in Spain.

Every approximately three months, we invite the artists of the various dance style from various regions such as Madrid, Barcelona and Andalucia. In addition, we occasionally offer you 2 weeks limited-time special show of the top artists so you will never see the same show in GARLOCHÍ even if you visit us several times.

The flamenco is an improvisational art expressed through the song (cante), the guitar, (toque) and the dance (baile). Please enjoy the powerful one-night improvised show at close which you can only experience through live performance.


You may feel the excitement and emotion of the flamenco show of the Spanish top artists in Japan. Other special artists are on our list!!

Currently performing:

Paloma Fantova’s Group

May 8 (Mon) – Aug. 26 (Sat)

Paloma Fantova, with 8 years old, won a talent contest in TVE. The young dancing girl who has pleasing and the wild nature. You must keep an eye on her dance of the soul.



Aug. 28 (Mon) – Nov. 10(Fri)

María Moreno, the hottest young flamenco artist, won the 1st prize at a contest of Alegrias of Cadiz. She also won Premio de Rvelacion (Rookie of the year) prize at Jerez Festival held in March, 2017.

Show closing day

The show is closed on every Sunday (The restaurants are open on Sunday).