Tablao Flamenco GARLOCHÍ

“El Flamenco”, the sacred place of the flamenco, ended its 49 years of long history in summer of 2016. El Flamenco has fascinated many flamenco fans including celebrities (actresses and cultural elite) throughout its history. El Flamenco has invited 900 Spanish artists from Spain in total, and kept providing a high quality show of polished dance and songs.

October, 2016. While succeeding its culture, the former El flamenco site was reincarnated as a new Spanish restaurant “GARLOCHÍ “. Located in the 6th floor of Shinjuku Isetan Kaikan, we will continue to be a birthplace of the Japanese flamenco culture as it always used to be.


Assuming that “The Tokyo Tablao” to be our concept, we esteem highly the universal emotion of the flamenco as well as adopting the originality of the place and trend and always welcome you.


The elegant atmosphere created by the mixture of two brilliance of the “anciently” of 49 years of history and “novelty”.


he design of GARLOCHÍ succeeded the overwhelming dignified presence and atmosphere which is created by the matured “anciently”. GARLOCHÍ, its space and atmosphere has plenty fans as a flamenco show restaurant with 49 years of history, and it has been loved as a sacred place of Japanese flamenco world. When the materials which had been piled up on its walls and floor was removed, the original material made 49 years ago emerged. By polishing them and adding an elegant color to the space which possess the beauty of the original material, reincarnated to the space that has the space has two brightness of “novelty” and “anciently”.


The uncharted flamenco, the night to evoke something inside you.


Flamenco – At times elegant and at times passionate. The spice called ‘flamenco’ provokes your dinner to a more fascinating time. In GARLOCHÍ, we offer you every day the shows of the artists who are at the forefront in Spain. We invite the artists from various regions such as Madrid, Barcelona and Andalucia. We also invite the artists of various dance style and offer you the varied and spectacular show anytime so you will never see the same show in GARLOCHÍ.
Because it is a live performance, you may enjoy the one-night improvised show. Please experience at close the excitement of our show which is on a level with that in Spain.


‟GARLOCHÍ” style Spanish Cuisine – Advancing together with generation


The dishes of GARLOCHÍ is an original Spanish cuisine combining the “gastronomic delights of Spain” and carefully selected Japanese original food. Adding some new essence to the traditional Spanish cuisine, we provide you the ” GARLOCHÍ -style Spanish”, the fusion experience of the food and the show. We prepare a course menu and/or a la carte menu as per your preference and a variation of wine and sangria of a special recipe.





Cherishing the sensitivity (sensibility) of Sevilla, Sonia Johnes keeps creating the “ONLY ONE” flamenco dresses.